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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

  • » Visit the Login page
  • » Click on the “Forgot Password?” link
  • » Enter the e-mail id used at the time of registration
  • » Check for the password reset link in your mail box. Please follow the link to reset your password

2) How do I Request a Consultation Request?

  • » Check for the available Tutors
  • » Click on Consult now, select the duration and start the consultation

3) How do I Request a Consultation Request for a future day/time?

  • » Click on Schedule Consultation
  • » Select the date/time for the consultation
  • » Select the duration and schedule the consultation

4) How do I Start a Consultation?

  • » Check for the available Tutors on the Homepage.
  • » Click on the consult now option, you are redirected to select duration page.
  • » Select the duration of for your consultation
  • » Click on the Consult Now button to start your consultation

5) What hardware/software would I need for a Consultation?

  • » You would need access to a phone to perform a consultation
  • » You would need to have the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox to use the full functionality of our system
  • » To download Google Chrome Click here
  • » To download Mozilla Firefox Click here

6) Will Tutors be able to see my contact details?

  • » No, we ensure complete confidentiality and do not provide your contact details to the Tutors
  • » We encourage all users to not provide any confidential or contact details such as address, phone number or email addresses to the Tutors

7) How do I View/Change my Profile?

  • » You can click on the Manage Profile link and click on the Edit link to update your profile

8) How do I Search/Browse for Tutors?

  • » The available Tutors will be displayed on the homepage
  • » You can browse through the Tutors list by clicking on the Prev/Next buttons
  • » You can also use the Advanced Search link to search for Tutors

9) How do I End a Consultation

  • » You have the option to end the consultation by clicking on the “End Consultation” button located in the consultation page

10) What do I do when a consultation is coming to an end and I want to extend the consultation?

  • » You will have the option to extend your consultation before it ends. You will be prompted to extend your consultation a few minutes before it ends
  • » Your Tutors will be blocked while you extend your consultation