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Welcome to!! is an approved non-profit organization under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3) that provides online tutoring and counselling to children, youth and adults.

Our mission is simple - We don't want any child, youth or adult to be left behind due to the lack of tutoring or guidance they need to succeed in their education and careers. offers a powerful platform where deserving children, youth and adults can connect to qualified tutors and counsellors online. Our network consists of volunteers that are expert in their areas and are willing to share their knowledge and help you succeed.

We want to make a difference by getting more individuals qualified and trained. But, we cannot do this alone. Join our movement and become a volunteer. We strongly believe that every human being has something they can teach and every human being has something they can learn.. Be part of our network and help enhance the future of a deserving child, youth or adult.

Our volunteer's receive a certificate that highlights the hours they have volunteered.

We are looking to partner with other organizations to open our platform to their communities so they are empowered to make the folks associated with them succeed. Contact us at to be part of our mission!!!

My name is Arnav Bedi and I am the founder of Thank you for visiting
A little about me....

I am currently in high school and live in Naperville, IL. PowerMinds is my attempt to give back to the community.

There are a few things that I am really passionate about. One of my passions is to find every opportunity to help the people that are not financially able to get the help they need (particularly in education). There are thousands of capable kids that cannot progress due to various constraints. I have always wanted to do something for the kids and adults that are held back due to the unavailability of the right tutoring and guidance that can help them to succeed.

PowerMinds is my attempt to try and fix this problem... I know I cannot do this alone but I also know that we need to start somewhere. I am trying to get volunteers to be part of the PowerMinds,org network so collectively we can spread the knowledge and make a difference in the lives of kids and adults that have a desire to succeed.

By the way, my other passion is Basketball. I have been playing competitive basketball since I was 6 years old. One thing that Basketball has taught me is teamwork and commitment. I strongly believe these are also the 2 qualities that can help me make a global platform for volunteers to collaborate with kids and adults that need the help.

I encourage you all to be part of this initiative. No time is too little I am confident we can collectively make a difference.

You can reach me at for more details on our initiative. You can also follow me on Social Media with the links below.